Thursday, 19 August 2010

Disappointed with your A'level results?

Tired of your Dad saying A'levels are so much easier now than they used to be?
Well, I'm about the same age as your dad and I say they are much much harder now. Why? Well the run-in time you have to any examination is much shorter, there is no time to actually consolidate your learning. You have to "know" a lot more now, ie. memorise things and that is hard because it is boring. The sheer breadth of stuff to get through is frightening. The depth is shallow but you can drown in a few inches of water. The modules were constructed by people who hate teachers. The order of topics is never logical, they prevent a lot of teacher creativity and leave the teachers confused and underwhelmed. You are also under a lot more pressure than your dad.

Didn't get into the university of your choice?
What is all this Uni business about anyway? Few go there to learn anything. Many want a qualification and not in-depth study. They are sad places full of sad young people who have been groomed by the state to believe that a happy hour and a quick shag are the pinnacle of human achievement. I suppose if you are really desperate you could give this lot a call.

The University of Bums on Seats
caveat lector!!

Happiness is more important than grades, the two are not interlinked, in any case in 3 years time nobody will give a monkeys about your A'level results or those of your mates.


Anonymous said...

Whole heartedly agree with everything you have written here.
Just watched my older children's friends go through it all.
I just wish the system was different. Watching my son's girlfriend subsumed into A Level terror so that she barely has time to grieve for her dead mother is heart breaking.

Anonymous said...

My daughter has been fraught awaiting her results and so has our relationship...on the morning of her results she saw something on the Ucas website that was not the whole picture and so we headed off to sixth form, she crying, me swearing my head off at her because i had to take my dad to an urgent doctors appointment and she had spent the last half hour crying her eyes out in despair that she wouldn't 'get into university'.

As it happens, silly girl got very good grades and was offered a place at her preferred uni after all.

The pressure they put on themselves these days...