Friday, 30 July 2010

Status Update

Thank you dear readers for your prayers and concern.

That was a much nastier test than the one I had in January probably because I'm so much less well in myself. Still no signs of any results, but then this is the strange world of endocrinology and biochemistry (you go to hospital in order to have your body pushed to the limits to see how it responds). It all seems like "tinker tinker fiddle fiddle" science, to quote Dr Bunsen Honeydew (from Muppet Labs). It takes ages for any results to come through and then there is even more fiddling and more tinkering.

I probably shouldn't have tried to re-read The Leopard by Giuseppe di Lampedusa during this ordeal. Most of you know by now I'm a rubbish reader of novels but I'll make an exception for this sumptious, sensual and wise book. The only problem is that it left me dreaming of large dishes of macaroni, peaches, beautiful light biscuits made in convents, rabbit and game birds whilst I was fasting...and whether I should develop a taste for Bourbons to balance out all the Garibaldi's I'd munched as a kid.

My blood sugar nosedived and I wasn't able to read much more.


Robert B. Heath said...

Rita, I went back to read your older posts to inform myself of your health situation, having come on the scene only lately. I'm sorry if I don't know what I'm talking about, being from the USA and being relatively healthy (so far) but it seems to me Doctors need to get off the career track and back to healing as a Christian vocation of caring and concern for the ill and especially the poor ill.

And the Church needs to get back into healing and caring as a response to Christ in the poor and sick, and forget about government subsidies to just do what used to be done for simple Christian Charity.

And while the big fancy, expensive machines can be very useful to pinpoint diseases, it seems nowadays we rely on them too much (at great cost) when perhaps Doctors could rely on experience and intuition more and make health care less overall expensive.

I wish you and your husband the best, and hope it all comes out well, soon. Robert

Rita said...

You're right Robert.

Health care is nothing but a business. I received a letter today from my doctor dated the 3rd of July. It was ancient history by the time it got to me, but if they insist on outsourcing their secretarial work to India, what do they expect?

If we were able to work less, and spend less of our time in meaningless activities, we may be able to cope with our 21st Century ailments. Part of the problem is the sheer pace of life both for the patients and the doctors, all forced to chase the same "funky dollar bills".

You and yours remain in my prayers,
God Bless.

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