Monday, 5 July 2010


I'm getting a little narked with the newspapers going on about the increasing cost of the Papal Visit for us UK Catholics. It doesn't make any sense and it is doing a very good job of stirring up the grumblings of the less fervent members of the flock who increasingly do not want this visit to go ahead and resent the cost.

I'm suggesting a rebranding so that the government would see their way to funding the Papal Visit, as they should because it is a state visit.

In fact rather than see it in terms of a state visit, we should see it a series of days celebrating Chaste Pride. The leader of the world wide Chaste Pride movement is visiting and is meeting with representatives of other groups with an interest in chastity. The movement is the biggest NGO in the world. There is special reason to celebrate because of the special recognition being given to that great historical figurehead for chaste love, John Henry Cardinal Newman. The events should allow people to come out and openly celebrate their chastity as only they know how, without fear of stigma and discrimination. In an inclusive society this event is of serious importance and should be supported and funded lavishly by Dave C and friends, especially in recognition of all the discrimination faced in the past by chaste people having smut and immodesty thrown in their faces and pornography thrust upon their children during the Sexual Revolution.


Robert H said...

This is a really great idea!

Autumn said...

Excellent post, first class, Rita! :¬)
A xx

Anonymous said...

Oh yes!
I think the idea of Chaste Pride is brilliant.
It should happen.
I think families and single people and those with SSA who don't do the 'scene'... we could all take part in it
even if we can't get near Papa.