Saturday, 19 June 2010

Well, dear reader, I'm back here again. Brain and body definitely not functioning as they should.

This is a shame because I was just beginning to feel alive again.

Can't read well, can't write much, struggling with my usual prayer routine...

May God bless the work of Lawrence Lew OP. At times like this, his photos are just about the only way I can start to connect with everything I hold so dear. The Dominican priory in Oxford is just about my favourite sacred place. This is one of his finest shots.

Lawrence Lew OP


Autumn said...

Sorry to hear things are so tough, Rita, I will keep you especially in my prayers. Thanks for posting the beautiful photo! Having been to Latin Mass yesterday I am feeling quite bereft that I have to wait a month until the next one. I think I may meditate on these photos too.
God's blessings and comfort to you,
A xxx

Robert B. Heath said...

I will keep you in my prayers.

The two pictures indicate a sense of humor and a sense of optimism.

That's good!