Monday, 28 June 2010

St Peter & St Paul

Feast day approaches.

You may enjoy the excellent catechisis to be found at the following site, here. There are excellent talks on both St Peter and St Paul.

Of particular interest is the talk near the bottom of the page done by Fr Guy de Gaynesford on the Second Letter of St Peter. It has particular relevance since that survey was done regarding American attitudes to the Second Coming.

I'd have a listen soon, if I were you. I think the parish is getting a new priest soon, he may not leave these up on the interwebs.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Rita
I found your post on Fr Guy and Robbie Low's teaching courses via Google. I am the administrator for their new dedicated website - you may like to know about it - we are called St Paul Repository and you will find us on Wordpress: You are right that Fr Guy has now moved on from Brixham, in fact he is in Rome studying but we follow him with a recorder whenever we can! His latest talk on the New Translation of the English Missal is on our Explanations page. Thanks for spreading the word about what we also believe to be excellent Catholic catechesis. You have some lovely material on your site. Elizabeth