Saturday, 5 June 2010

No, this isn't a meme

My dear blogging friend, Autumn has put up an interesting post on blogging and anonymity. It got me thinking more generally about how we conduct ourselves in the blogosphere (oh how I hate the “o” in the middle of that new word). I think we all have an unwritten set of rules, what I’ve tried to do is write down my code of conduct, anyone else want to have a go?

1. I never ask anyone to publicise what I am writing. As a self-diagnosed sufferer of the Cassandra complex (one who constantly knows nobody is listening to them especially when they have something really important to say), asking for publicity would feed my complex, especially if the reader stats didn’t go up post-publicity. It is self-preservation and keeps the reading figures low. If anyone has a link to my blog it is because they want to, it is nothing to do with me.

2. I never reveal my location, my name or photographs I have taken. More self preservation. Wessex, the county that doesn’t exist, is where I live, and that paints a realistic enough picture of the true nature of my existence. Also any vignettes I post ought not to refer to recognisable people, that is not the point of my little ramblings. That would be wrong.

3. I think honesty is vitally important, it is far more important that “e-friends”. And I endeavour to be honest and anonymous….

4. I will not use Facebook. It is a sad and dangerous world of hubris and superficiality that can really hurt the unsuspecting.

5. Never stick anything up you wouldn’t want someone reading when your’re dead but do not become deluded enough to believe blogging is a route to immortality.

6. Have a maxim and try to stick to it: hence my quote from St Rita in the side bar.

7. If I were a stick of rock, I’d have Catholic written all the way through, fine and dandy, this is a Catholic blog. Sadly, I’d also have “teacher” written all the way through. I constantly war with myself to stop myself going all teachery, and this battle isn’t always successful. Never pander to your personality traits.

8. If posts take up more than a page of A4, they are too long.

9. Never take sides in an argument, especially in matters religious, it simply ain’t Catholic.
10. Do not blog whilst praying but pray whilst blogging.


Tom in Vegas said...

Some good advice Rita, if that is your real name:0)

I, too, am restrictive about the personal info I post about my life, but, I must say, your more cautious than I am. Nothing wrong with that.

I wasn't aware that British folks used the word "ain't." Shows how uncultured I am. God bless.

Autumn said...

Thanks for this. I have linked to you (and quoted!) ~ because I want to ;)
God bless, A xx

Autumn said...

Thanks for your thoughful post.
I have an award for you to collect, here:
God bless! A xx