Saturday, 1 May 2010

Puffin Counting

It is at times like this that I start yearning for my dream job; puffin counting on a remote Western Isle.


The Media: I want to be as far away from Spencer Tunick, Carla Bruni, Lady Gaga, Damian Thompson and Orange Tony as I can get.

Commerce: I'm kinda guessing I'd be a long way from crap supermarkets.

England: Oil seed rape, strimmers, people revving their car engines incessantly, all political parties which don't include the word "raving" and probably should and all political parties that do include the word "raving" and are.

If you want to know how many dead pigeons are lying in a barn after a shoot, I can estimate with staggering accuracy, and I can only assume counting living puffins isn't too different from that, so I'd be good at the job.

Puffins don't do stupid examinations and aren't "dead stressed" if they don't get straight As all the time.

I'm not very well and I'm fed up with doctors telling me I'm not very well, but that I'm a bit complex and they don't really know what to do, but "try having double cream on everything, it might stabilise your weight". I want to be in a doctor free zone...they are not helping.

Oh, and there is this. H/T Fr Stephen Wang

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Autumn said...

Hi Rita...

I often have the desire to retreat from the world, to be a "Puffin Counter" (although not lterally!) as I recognise I have a hermit's heart which longs for silence and solitude. That is why I have to run to the Convent at least twice a year to be away from people, tv, news, paper etc. etc.

But, I know I would pine for the world and all its messy hustle and bustle after a while, for I know that God has placed me in it for a purpose. Well, 3 purposes: to see him in the people around me, to do something, anything to bring comfort and hope to others and last but not least for the sake of my children and grandchildren. I pray that God will make you certain of your place in the world, even if it isn't counting puffins.

Praying too, as always, for a return to health for you and your husband, failing that the grace to keep on coping.

Love and prayers,
Autumn xx