Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Partly Politics

I for one hope this coalition works. I do not like party politics and always struggle at voting time. However, anything that brings back the old skills of negotiation, debate and working out concessions has to be a good thing. There have been two leaders of this country (Thatcher and Blair) with big ideas and big majorities who between them ruined any vestiges of consensus politics. I'd also argue they put far too much control into the hands of government.

This government will effectively have its wings clipped and this has to be a good thing.

My only concern is that we no longer have the calibre of civil servant necessary to make it work. Few are educated well enough in the finer arts necessary for posts in the civil service, few may be able to "speak truth unto power". And whose fault is that.......?


Ttony said...

The civil servants are still around, but at the very top, their place was taken by SpAds from 1997 on.

But hey! We'll rebuild their morale by freezing or cutting their salaries.

mum6kids said...

I hope it works too. There's a lot of damage to undo. They need to focus and get it done.