Saturday, 8 May 2010

Just one soul

Friday evening before the Blessed Sacrament.

Still my heart, Lord.
I kneel before You this evening for just one soul.

If just one soul could see in his wounds, Your wounds.
That Your wounds are his wounds.
That you know how it feels to be bullied, abused and forsaken.
If just one soul could reach out to you in love and hope
And cleave his heart to Yours.

If just one soul will come to realise that his healing can only come through reaching out to You.
Through trust in the promises You have made.
Through trust in Your Sacred Heart.

If just one soul today comes to realise how much You have grieved over us.
How much pain our sins have caused You.
You who loves us so much.

Oh that today, just one soul would come to realise that You are waiting for him;
The bridegroom waiting for His bride.
That you love Your bride to distraction
That your keenest longing is for unity with your bride.

Oh that today Your bride, through her tears, will grow in beauty and serenity.
Your care for souls is her care for souls.

Oh that today, just one more soul will come to realise
The truth about your bride.

So I pray for the healing of just one soul.

Jesus I Trust in You.

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Anonymous said...

I often pray the words He spoke asking that none of those He has given me will be lost. I include the 3 unbaptised children I lost in miscarriage.