Sunday, 25 April 2010

Factory farming

One thing I have done for years is to treat the students who are about to do their GCSEs and A'levels to a great deal of my time and effort at this time of year. For instance, they do past paper questions and I promise to mark them with plenty of feedback and give them back in double quick time, the harder they work the more I do for them. I know I'm not alone in this.

I'm just pigged off that increasingly, the examination season never seems to end and as year 10s and 12s are also doing modules, you end up working your tripe off for half the school. Gone are the days when being in the lower sixth (year 12) meant plenty of amateur dramatics, French literature for fun in the lunch times, heaps of time with a sketchbook in the Platt Fields Costume museum or the Whitworth Art Gallery, and falling in love with a long dead poet. And then there were the less wholesome times spent in seedy clubs pretending you were over 18 and really interested in the latest mordant Punk or French gipsy rap artists....and that was just the science geeks like me. You concentrated on your subjects in the upper sixth, the lower sixth was when you grazed in a meadow of untold variety and riches, unfettered by targets and examinations that "mattered". Ho hum.

Some bright spark here even wants the year 9s to be doing GCSE modules.

Give them a break, give me a break.

Anyone would think the only reason why school exists is to prepare students for examination.....It isn't why I go to school. I'm so tired of it all.


mum6kids said...

Watching the younsters around here is quite frankly heart breaking. My son's girlfriend will have "failed" if she doesn't get three A's. The pressure is immense and so long winded.
For me it was the old A levels which while a huge amount of work at least they were over in one go.
There just has to be a better way/

mum6kids said...

btw meant to say I have signed up for Rosary for Bishop and am going to pray for my bishop (already do but this is more formal). Then I have to write to him again re the CES. *Sigh* So tempted not to bother...