Monday, 8 March 2010


"Every kingdom divided against itself shall be brought to desolation"

Some are still wanting our Bishops to speak out vociferously against the continued attacks by the State on our children and elderly. Some have started petitions, some have signed them...

Indeed it is hard not to want our Bishops in E & W to have the media savvy wit, the hard hitting authority and the downright awesome pastoral skills of American Archbishops like Chaput and Dolan. We forget that in America, free speech is still allowed and enjoyed, and the country as a whole still speaks the language of Christian morality. We forget they can be patriotic and still speak up. We live in half cocked, smug, Whig experiment which is smelling more and more like a police state.

Has it not occurred to anyone else that our Bishops simply can't speak up as we would desire they did?

If they spoke they would have to do so from the standpoint of our truth being one truth among many, and our Jesus, being one cool guru among many. Our Bishops simply can't speak from that standpoint and be true to our Faith. They cannot say the Government is wrong AND give the real reasons why they are wrong. Maybe it is prudent they remained silent.

We have to face facts, moral relativism will lead to our persecution. Catholic individuals will make some great sacrifices, Catholics will suffer in Blighty, perhaps "live blogging the Apocalypse" should be a tag line for all British Catholic blogs and not just Orwell's Picnic.

Keep praying for our Bishops, stop ridiculing them, we need them, and they need us to be united, prayerful and respectful.


Joe said...


Thank you for this post. I think you just beat me to this post, which I have been working on over the last day or two:

Francis said...

Ww shouldn't reify 'The State'. It is led by people. So it's odd that the present leader, who is a Christian, and the former leader, who became a became a Catholic after leaving office,should seem to be gearing up for persecution.

Francis said...

Despite my former observations, I do agree that good Catholics should stop bashing the bishops.

Rita said...


I think it is a bit idealistic to say the state is led by people. It is driven by a post-modern idealism, essentially amoral and run on the rules of game theory and complete control. It isn't even utilitarian anymore.

But that is just my opinion ;-)

Francis said...

I don't see how 'post-modern idealism' can 'drive' anything other than humans. It is written about and espoused by humans. Just like modernism and theism. If it is discrete from people, how do you intend to counter it?

I may be idealistic but I find your position pessimistic from your own persepctive because you don't seem to have a way to change it because you don't regard humans as the agents of the post-modern relativism you dislike. And I still don't thnk you have answered my point: why would people like Gordon Brown and Tony Blair want to persecute Christians? Perhpas it si not psot-modern relativism you need to fear but paranoia! lol