Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Secular Lent?

Brilliant song, this. Powerfully sung by an ailing Johnny Cash, who means every word he is singing. I wonder if any of the "slebs" in the video took the message on board. It is a good song for Lent.

ps: Tom, are you there? Still don't like Country?!


Tom in Vegas said...

Well, Rita, I'm afraid the answer is still yes. However, I'm listening to this song and I'm trying to imagine it (please forgive me) without Johnny Cash's voice. I think what is left is mostly a blues feel and no so much "country." I think the sound of Johnny Cash's voice pushes it into the country camp.

I'm man enough to admit this song is, well, not that bad actually. I did like the lyrics, and I enjoyed the percussion arrangement, which outside the lyrics, makes the song. So yes, I did enjoy this song more than I would have guessed :0)

"I wonder if any of the "slebs" in the video took the message on board."

Excellent question. I'm going to remain skeptical and say that for the most part the answer is no.

Rita said...

I suppose this is American Folk music rather than Country.....still it is a great sound that can not be made over here, there is a lot of your heritage to be proud of.