Saturday, 27 February 2010

Dear St Rita,

Dear St Rita,

How much your intercession guides my life. You have been watching over me for longer than I know, you even made sure you would be my patron at Confirmation. I did not have a choice!

Now, you and my other great friend St Philip Neri interceed for me with the lightest of touches. Both of you are imbued with good humour and common sense. You enable me to laugh at myself and find joy amongst the hardships. You help me act patiently in all that is happening. I fully appreciate my powerlessness and I breathe in such strength from your example and intercession. Is this the meaning of being inspired?

St Rita & St Philip, help me pray for the those who are hampering our paths to health and healing, the doctors who are arrogant, the nurses who don't listen. May they wake up and smell reality and remember why they entered the health service in the first place.


Tom in Vegas said...

So sorry to hear about these battles, especially since they are so unnecessary. If the individuals in health care remind themselves that the Hippocratic Oath means something and is not just a motion you go through as part of some mere tradition, there night be a slight change. However, like you stated, the only sound they here is cha-ching and the welfare of the patients is in the back burner. God forgive them.

I will pray for you and for your husband.

Anonymous said...

You have a couple of powerful intersessors there!
You are of course sadly correct; once upon a time your dh would have had the proper treatment. There is something so rotten in the culture in this country now that drs and nurses don't seem to care about their patients at all any more. Most come across as permanently naffed off and seem to lack basic organisational skills-let alone kindness.
I couldn't stand it - and got out of nursing and the horrible NHS.
Interestingly I worked in a hospice-no NHS funding; and the staff were lovely. The whole ethos of the place was different.
It's something in the system that ruins staff perhaps. Dunno.
Lots of prayers.

Mrs.Pogle said...

Adding my prayers to those of your dearS aints, and asking the intercession of my dear Saints, especially St. Therese and St. Maximilian Kolbe. God bless you both.
Mrs.P xx

the mother of this lot said...

You can add my prayers too. And don't forget St. Rita is the patroness of impossible cases x