Saturday, 17 October 2009

Motorway Theology

Conversation whilst driving along the M6 travelling back from Manchester.

Me: Gosh Dearest Husband, every time we drive along here they seem to be doing something else with this tarmac, this must be one of the most expensive bits of motorway in the universe.

DH: in the Universe? How can you be so sure?

Me: Oh, I’m really not happy with the idea that there are any other planets out there with life on them. So an extremely expensive stretch of tarmac on Earth will be the only one of its kind in the Universe.

DH: don’t assume to know the mind of God. He can do anything and if he wants, he will have other planets with life on them.

Me: Oh no, dearest, far be it for me to be that arrogant. Our awesome Triune God can do what he likes, much of which will blow my little brain to smithereens. No, my problem is with Our Lady. We were tempted by the serpent and we fell. To redeem us, God sent His only Son into the world to be born of a virgin. The Incarnation has to be a unique event in the Universe. There can only be one incarnation, there can only be one spotless tabernacle of the Lord, there can only be one Queen of Heaven. How can heaven have more than one Queen?

DH: Who says those on the other worlds fell like we did?

Me: Oh, I see, like we’re the black sheep of God’s children in the Universe and something a bit special was needed to redeem us. That might explain the lack of extra terrestrial visitors, we’re in quarantine.

DH: Could be.

Me: But if all the other worlds have not fallen, would they have any need for motorways?

DH: Probably not.

Me: Then this probably is one of the most expensive bits of tarmac in the Universe.

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mum6kids said...

LOL I like the idea of expensive bits of tarmac being the result of the Fall. If Adam and Eve could only have seen the future...
She "God says we will die."
He "WORSE there will be motorways and tarmac!"
She "Get thee behind me satan."
Snake skulks away.