Friday, 28 August 2009


Here is Wikipedia on what a Tory is:
Toryism is a traditionalist political philosophy, which grew out of the Cavalier faction in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. It is most prominent in Great Britain, but also features in some parts of The Commonwealth — particularly in Canada. Historically it also had exponents in former parts of the British Empire, for instance the Loyalists of British North America who sided with Britain and Crown during the Revolutionary War. The Tory ethos can be summed up with the phrase God, King and Country. Tories advocate monarchism, are usually of a High Church Anglican or Recusant Catholic religious heritage and opposed to the radical liberalism of the Whig faction. Some call their stance counter-revolutionary, neo-feudal and medievalist.

Sounds pretty good to me, minimal state interference and a love of the land and a sense of its history. I could quite happily live a feudal lifestyle. I have no objections to tytheing myself to a land owner for so many days of my labour each year in return for a reasonable rent on a reasonable dwelling and some land to cultivate as I like. Toryism needs separating from the shabby and morally inept modern Conservative party, most of whom are definitely NOT Tories. Most of the people round here in deepest Wessex, the county that doesn't exist, are Tories. Most are compassionate, charitable, generous and hard working, unfortunately they have coupled themselves to the workings of the Conservative party for too long. Some are flirting with UKIP, now there (IMHO)is a complete set of jokers. Anti-European sentiment is devoid of sense and has so much to so with the mindset of Henry VIII to be anything other than bankrupt. Yes the EU is a mess, but we need Europe and we need to be influencing it from a position of strength and with full knowledge and greater control of our own assets. Our shared and largely Catholic heritage (I'm not just talking about buildings and art here)is of great importance.

Why am I writing this? Well, we need an opposition. For the good of this country, we need those that own and work the land to have a greater say in the fair governance of this land. We need de-centralisation, local solutions for local problems, we need to wake up before we loose everything, including the ability to think.

PS. I may have an appointment with a consultant, the GP has run tests for the 4th time and they are still giving bizarre results. There IS something wrong with me. However, with language like this on the booking form to see a consultant, I am skeptical:

You can use any of the options below to get information to help you make your choice of alternatives below.

That is NOT English, all I want to do is see a consultant, choice doesn't come into it.


irene said...

Sorry to learn that your health problems continue. And sorry also to hear that your problems with the bureaucracy continue. I think this is one of the reasons that patience is one of the virtues.

But I must take issue with you on one point: God? yes! King and country? Never! The two are incompatible; we cannot serve both God and Mammon -- render unto Caesar what is Caesars, and unto God what is God's. And I am not too long on land ownership either, Leo XIII notwithstanding.

But I still love you.

Rita said...

Thanks Irene!

Even in Catholic churches in this country there are prayers for the Queen.

I think it must be a "little Englander" thing but I really see no problem with rendering some of my service to Queen and country, but ALL my obedience to God.

God Bless you and yours.

berenike said...

Some things are Caesar's.