Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Prayer of Bl Dominic Barberi

My Jesus, you alone are my Light, my Strength, my All.
You have taken my weaknesses, to give me in return, Your Strength.
Blindfolded, you give sight to my eyes: bound, you loosen my chains;
Experiencing bitterness, You give sweetness to all who come to you;
Humbled, you raise others to glory; dead, you Give back life to me.
My Jesus, in you I find all things, outside of you I find nothing.
Let those who will seek find but you in this poor world,
for me it is enough to have found Jesus.
Henceforth, my life must be consecrated to Jesus, to his glory, to his love.

But Lord, sustain me, support me,
do not trust in me nor in my poor resolutions.


Adrienne said...

Lovely reflection. And I posted the same LOL cats picture a few days ago. Great minds!!

Mrs.Pogle said...

This is a beautiful prayer indeed, and on which I will add to my devotions :)

I have an award for you over at my place, to say thanks for being a loyal blog friend :)
Mrs.P xx