Wednesday, 15 July 2009

More shorts

Currently I'm just enjoying the peace and quiet of rural existence. It is so quiet out here that your senses really do become more attuned to the movements of nature. There are times of quiet elation and joy in the stillness and beauty of it all. There is much to thank God for.

DH and I are really enjoying Taylor Marshall's podcasts on St Paul at the moment. I strongly recommend them to you. Yup I know it is the year for priests, but you're never really relieved of your duties to study Paul. The podcasts can be found here.

Husband is still unwell and being very let down by the health service, the delays in his treatment are nearly intolerable. I still remain undiagnosable, the GP has ended up saying I'll just have to learn to live with it, what ever it is. I'm nearly 6 foot and am struggling to keep my weight over 9 stone, my hands are still very painful and I know there is something amiss with my metabolism (the tiredness is chronic and has little to do with looking after DH). "Still it isn't life threatening, so get on with life" the doctor says. I'm offering my sufferings up for the priesthood....

The Year for Priests is so important. I wonder what you are dong for it? There are so many priests dear to me to pray for, at the moment I'm concentrating on one a week, but also saying a general prayer for all priests each day. Don't forget Bishops in your prayers.....and make a super human effort not to criticise them. Is there any way of letting priests know they are being prayed for......some anonymous card we could send them to let them know they are in our prayers and let them know their flock are faithful to the desires of the Holy Father?

Finally another physics based lolcat that made me laugh, this one may be going on my classroom wall.


catholicconvert said...

You and your hubby certainly have my sympathies in your health problems and in your engagement with the NHS.

They drive me mad, quite frankly. But then, for every time when i feel let down by them, someone has a positive experience with their NHS care. The problem is, it is so sporadic!

It is difficult not to feel deflated and in my own case, rather low, when test after test, visit to specialist after visit to specialist, all comes to nothing and they do not have an inkling of an idea as to what the problem is.

I do hope you and your beloved have some success in receiving the care and treatments that you need, and that you are soon both feeling much better. I will be praying for you both.

God Bless you!

Taylor Marshall said...

Dear Rita,

Thank you for the plug! I truly appreciate it.

There's not a new podcast/mp3 about "Saint Paul as Priest" - the perfect bridge from the year of Paul to the year of the Priest!

Here's the link:

Thanks again and may God bless you.

Taylor Marshall