Sunday, 31 May 2009

Why Red?

Why red vestments for Pentecost?

I was pondering this today and wondering why white is not used. Luckily my 1962 Missal came up with an answer:

Red signifies the fire of love towards God and is therefore the liturgical colour for Whitsuntide, the Feast of the Holy Ghost, the God of Love;....

It did strike me how visceral red is. How the Holy Spirit needs to be indwelling within our bodies for God's love to be manifest. The Holy Spirit doesn't hover over the Church, He needs to burrow into each and everyone of us and find a welcome home. Penetcost surely then is the feast of God's sublime gift to us and the red is our Passion united to Christ's and ignited by the flame of the Holy Spirit.


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ukok said...

At the parish i used to worship the priest always encouraged the whole congregation to wear red on the Feast of Pentecost.

It isn't the most flattering colour for me as i'm rather, erm, rotund, shall we say?

But i did used to take my red shirt out of the wardrobe on that one day of the year!

Recently online i read somewhere-can't remember where- that it is improper for a parishioner to wear red on the Feast of Pentecost and that only the priest should wear red, red vestements.

I think it's all a load of phooey really as i think wearing the colour red interiorly is far more important.

Being on fire for Jesus, to have a burning passion to love and serve the Lord is the only thing that matters when it comes down to it.

Good post :-)