Monday, 6 April 2009


The Poor Clare Sisters in N. Wales have just sent their e-mail newsletter out to those like myself who subscribe to it. In it they describe Holy Week as the "Week of Fire". I like that, and this year it seems particularly poignant.

Pray for the souls of those who have died recently.

Please pray also for Fr Nicholas Schofield and Philip who have both lost their fathers recently.

Pray also for Tom who has recently lost his grandmother.

Pray too for my husband, he is suffering much at the moment, but his Faith is strong, his demons are spiteful and peeved.

Pray too for his mother. She is fading away in hospital, it is almost a relief she seems to be in the 1930s most of the time, working in the cardroom of the local mill like she did before she married. The reality is undignified and deeply frustrating.

I too am in need of your prayers. I have had Lupus-like symptoms for the last month, affecting both my physical and mental wellbeing. A barrage of tests has yet to come up with a diagnosis...I'm of the opinion it is just a lenten thing, it will pass but it is very unpleasant, it takes me ages to do anything and it is a real penance to feel so separated from my brain. Conversations involving more than one person are a real struggle, I start drifting towards "sleepytime". I'm rather grateful for blogger world, it allows me to communicate at my own speed and unlike real life there is a "backspace" key.

God Bless all my readers. Have a good Holy Week, you are in my prayers.