Thursday, 26 March 2009

Nay rights.

A report on the local television last week was about a club opening specifically catering for people with learning difficulties. The DJ was a transvestite with learning difficulties, the clientele was also predominantly people with learning difficulties (dreadful term isn't it). It was being hailed as a great way for people to express their sexuality who would normally feel excluded from other mainstream clubs.

It is reported that in Oxford from next September, girls aged 11 upwards will be able to send a text to receive the morning after pill.


It is reported that the rules governing the advertising of contraception and abortion on the television will be relaxed.


ALL this news is totally unedifying and totally against the true dignity of the human being; body and soul.

We are being encouraged to sink to "lowest common denominator" lifestyles as if these are a human right. The right to be Naff.

So what should be our response? We have to rise above this sh*te, stand up for the dignity of every human being and stand up for the Faith we profess. This does involve our public and private morality. Private; learning to examine our own conscience regularly, desiring regular confession, aiming for full obedience to the teachings of Holy Mother Church. Public; hmm, this is more than pressure groups and petitions, this is having the C of Catholic branded on our foreheads, taking the mockery and abuse that will come when we question the "right to be naff".

In an ideal world, we would all have superiors to whom we had total obedience and who would speak regularly on matters of public AND private morality (and our need for God's grace through the Sacraments), who would uphold the faith and in turn show total obedience to would make the morass that we find ourselves sinking into more likely to act as a seed of grace for the lost souls of this nation.

How far from an ideal world are we?


ukok said...

Another thought provoking post, Rita.

So often i find myself nodding in agreement, as i read thorugh your posts, this one too.

mum6kids said...

The relaxing of the advertising law has happened it seems. Our PP this morning complained that he has had to stop listening to the radio in his car because of all the 'contraception, contraception, contraception' adverts. He went on to hint that some of those adverts were along the lines of "let us kill your baby" as well.
God help us!

But them I wonder where is the outcry? Don't parents WANT to protect their kids any more I wonder.

irene said...

I was under the impression that this is a fallen world. It's sin does not surprise me; indeed, the sins of "good" obediant Catholics do not surprise me. We are taught to expect them; we are not taught that they are good.

Rita, I agree with your concerns, but I'm not sure where you are headed.

Rita said...


I'm just feeling weak at the moment and wanting strong leadership from those that have been ordained to do so!