Monday, 26 January 2009


The Grauniad (pinko newspaper I only read to get annoyed, like I only get the Catholic Times to read Mgr "Lofty" Loftus- only joking)has reported that some hospital trusts are thinking of not serving meat to reduce their carbon footprint. Well I'm sorry but the arithmetic doesn't add up, whilst agri-business-mega-cattle-farms are indefensible, small scale animal rearing is not a carbon issue. This is about the new puritans taking over the asylum and making us all more miserable and bland.

Take a look at this:

A heighlan koo

What else could turn a hillside of indigestible heather into high quality tasty protein, high grade energy, cosmetic products, clothing and glue and look so darn cute.


ukok said...

when i was a teen i woulda killed for a fringe like that...the geeky annoying boys who i wanted nothing to do with used to call me slaphead because i had a centre parting...ah, the bad old days....

Tom in Vegas said...

You know, by all accounts, I should be a vegetarian. I'm not, but it's hypocritical on my part living like a non-vegan when you consider how I feel about animals (just a passing thought).

I do think that some people, namely environmentalists, do take things a bit too far. I think that there are definite environmental anomalies we need to address immediately, but the concerns published in the Grauniad are a bit outlandish.

la mamma said...

LOL! Suberb! When you take the nonsense to its logical conclusion, people are awful for the planet and so we should all just be left to decay (and definiteyl not have any children!!), so the planet can be saved... for whom?

Rita said...


I know what you mean, I used to have a crush on a lad with a fringe like that, way back then.....


I do think God gave us stewardship of the land and the animals and provided we care for them properly then killing them for food is OK, provided nothing is wasted.


I wonder if there there any environmentalists who like people?

Irene said...

Ah, extremists! How amusing they can be.

It is true that animals in general are cute and cuddly (even ferrets and weasels). And I have no objection to the occasional dairy cow, or even beef.

However, the greatest threat to mankind at the moment is irreversible climate change.

Unfortunately, our chosen behavior threatens destruction of the planet within the lifetimes of some babies born today. In the numbers in which they exist today and with their current habits, people indeed are awful for the planet. They and the domestic animals which they eat produce prodigious quantities of greenhouse gases.

However, while exterminating the human race and all its farm animals might have a certain logic to it, it is just as much extremism as the person who wishes to multiply greenhouse gases unchecked. The Catholic way always has been to find the middle (and therefore responsible) ground.