Thursday, 11 December 2008


Before we start, Mr J. Smith of Toledo seems to be having one of his spells again, don't click on his site, just pray. We've been here before and no doubt we'll be here again.
St Michael Pray for Us

This 6 things that make you happy tag is a good tag and I'm touched by tagger, Kirk's kind words. Nevertheless I'm feeling a bit guilty about not doing La Mamma's book meme, the problem with is that apart from Old testament prophets, I'm not reading anything else in Advent, and they just don't fit the meme!

Anyway here goes, things that make me happy:

The Beginning to John's Gospel Shut your eyes and it transports you simultaneously to the furthest reaches of the universe and into the bosom of our loving God. A taste of heaven.

Dawn, I'm a morning person which is a good job as I get up at 5.15 am. Dawn round here is poetry you can drink. It is flat and the skies are big and there is just enough of a slope down to the east to get a beautiful sunrise.

The rare pleasure of walking in unsullied moonlight not something I can put into words, it is just very special. Living without streetlights is a luxury but a foolhardy one.

Watching husband serve Mass Doesn't happen very often since we moved down south....this is a shame as I've not seen a better thurifer, though I suppose I'm biased.

Good Ol' funky music: Apart from Ska (for which I'm getting a little old), nothing is more likely to get me thrashing round a dance floor (actually the carpet in the living room these days). Keep on steppin' on- Fatback band, Up for the down stroke- parliament, Funky Kingston- Toots and the Maytals, Ball of Confusion- the Temptations, Skin I'm In- Chairman of the Board.

Ball of Confusion- The Temptations

The Films of Oliver Postgate RIP My blogging has been light of late, too busy watching his stuff on you tube. I'm getting the feeling he was my earliest political influence.

The Clangers- Probably my favourite Postgate creation

Now, who to pick who has not done this already?

Autumn Rose
oh yeah and the Barclay Brothers- just what makes you happy? All that "toys out of the pram" silliness effects poeples'lives, remember, boys, Feudalism- it's the future, you heard it here first.


Kirk said...

Moonlight. . . Dawn . . . what lovely things make you happy!!
You are so right about St John's Gospel too.

By the way, my kitchen, and the sitting room carpet are my dance floors too these days...

mum6kids said...

The Clangers! So much happiness from little knitted things. They were always grey to me (B&W TV) I was quite shocked by their true colour!
May God hear many a fine tale from Oliver Postgate. God rest him.

Irene said...

J. Smith... Dark Night of the Soul... Mother Theresa?

Rita said...


More like Gemma Galgani methinks, she was battered by darkness and would spit at Christ crucified. I can't help thinking that some of the invective spat in Jeffrey's direction because of his political views from supposed Catholics during the election may have possibly contributed to his darkness.

Very sad....

We didn't get a colour telly till the royal wedding so pink clangers were a bit of a shock to me too!

I enjoyed your choice too!

AutumnRose said...

Mine's here
Thanks for the tag, Rita :)

ukok said...

Bless you Rita, thanks so much for thinking of me :-)

Rita said...


oh, and anyone else for that matter,

my e-mail address is