Saturday, 15 November 2008

Winter Asparagus

I don't like asparagus, in fact I find them singularly unpleasant. However someone once said to Rachmaninov that finding deep deep male voices was rarer than asparagus in winter. Well here is some stupendous singing. Go on turn up your speakers and damage the brick work, or the suspension on your airstream!

The Male Choir of St. Petersburg


Tom in Vegas said...

What a great find, Rita. These male voices sound spectacular!

Do you know if this selection is from the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom or from Vespers?

There is a portion from Vespers called “Thanksgiving To The Mother Of God” and it is one of the most beautiful choral arrangements that you will ever hear. The timing, melody, and harmony of that selection is unbelievably beautiful. Look for it by the Robert Shaw Festival Singers. Also, the Now Let Thy Servant Depart (Nunc Dimittis) of that same piece is equally as beautiful as well.

Ah, heck, just look for the entire composition!

Irene said...

Rita -- agreed, a great find. Russian chant is my favorite. Thank you so much.

Tom -- sorry, this is neither the Liturgy nor the Vespers; indeed, it is not by Rachmaninoff, but rather by his contemporary, Pavel Chesnokov. If you will note the subtitles at the beginning, it is a fragment from his Op. 39-a, "Funeral service for male choir."

Kirk said...

Very nice Rita. That type of choral arrangement is very atmospheric.
I did my first experiment with posting a video today. . . and it worked so I feel high tech now!

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