Sunday, 23 November 2008

Scant postings at the moment, mainly due to marking November examinations and writing endless progress reports.

Our hearts sunk this weekend when we received a letter from British Gas. A final demand and a threat to cut us off. This is because we owe about £60 from our previous property (not yet sold and can't afford the outlay to get it rented). We have already explained to them countless times that mercifully our cash flow dilemma is temporary and we can pay them in full on the 28th November. They handily forget this. If I had the guts I'd send them a letter that may read something like this:

Dear British Gas,

In common with many people, we find ourselves in very difficult times regarding our finances. We contacted you last week to explain than we could not pay the bill at the moment but that it can be payed in full on the 28th November. Your telephone operator claimed to understand and was even sympathetic to our plight.

In receiving your horrible letter today I have a few points I'd like to make. You provide us with a utility. Some would say we have a right to fuel to keep up warm and to cook with. When does it become fair to charge us £14 in addition to the money we owe simply because you have decided to generate a letter threatening us with court action? Then you also threaten to charge us an additional £400 if you have to visit our property to cut us off from the gas supply. The logical conclusion to this is that if money was still not forthcoming you would make us go on a prepayment meter where the tariff for gas is DOUBLE what your ordinary customers pay.

Our financial situation is temporary. I feel deeply for those souls who receive such letters and have no way of paying. How are you making these people feel? Adding extortionate extra charges to their debt with no offer of assistance. You are robbing and using the poor and vulnerable as an extra cash generator.. I hope you realise you could ROT IN HELL for this. Not my judgement, you understand but there is a judgement that comes to us all on how we treat our fellow men. Your treatment is despicable and I weep for those less fortunate than myself who will literally feel despair on receipt of such a letter.

You can do something about this, and it is your choice. Think about it.



ukok said...

it bugs me big time that we are made to pay through the nose for natural resources like gas and water....Iaccept that costs are incurred for fascilitating its arrival to my house, but why do they have to keep bumping up their prices while their fat cat bossess are millionaires?

I often write letters like the one above, and send them. I don't mind being thought of a a cantankerous old git, and i am sure i often am thought of in such a way, but really, some companies make you want to respond to their lack of scruples with a response that has been long overdue.

I hear you.

Irene said...

Is it any comfort if I tell you that the gas vendors in the US use exactly the same tactics? And yes, they use them in November.

Anonymous said...

Send it Rita! Ye gods those people! A bit of reality in their centrally heated office would do them good.

Kirk said...

I'm 100% with mum6kids. Send it! I would.