Monday, 3 November 2008

All souls day

Well, I couldn't make it to Mass, due to work commitments, but the nearest Catholic Church to my work has its doors open all day (deo gratias), so I was able to spend some time in prayer down there.

All blogs are filtered out at work and only certain clever blogs can circumvent this. For entertainment therefore at work I rely on the Curt Jester, the Anchoress and Daniel Mitsui's excellent Lion and Cardinal.

It is from the latter that this stunning Ars Moriendi comes from,

(H/T The Lion and the Cardinal). It was constructed by someone in the middle ages with such wondeful insight into the human condition and goes through the full cycle of death throes as they should be seen, birth pangs into the eternal life. Thoroughly uplifting and perfect for All Souls Day. See the full collection here with explanations.


Kirk said...

A great link Rita. I just read it and I thank you for sharing. I have bookmarked it in my 'Catholic Things' folder on my computer!

mum6kids said...

I've awarded you.