Friday, 31 October 2008

Good Stuff

Time to plug some other blogs where some quality writing has gone on, as opposed to my witless ramblings. Here are a few things worth reading if you have a spare minute.

(1) Fr. Eugene Lobo SJ has done it again, this is an excellent resource for anyone stuck with some bores on the God/Science debate. Read it here.

(2) Fr. Jay Toborowsky (the Young Fogey) has written an excellent piece on funerals. He has really said something which deserves a wider audience and which asks questions of all the faithful. Read it here.

(3) Terry Nelson has written a good piece on being a member of the Church. The parish he writes about couldn't be round here because we don't seem to have Eucharistic Adoration, but we have all the other stuff.....Read it here.

(4) Terry Nelson again on why Tradition ain't enough and how tradition for tradition's sake is meaningless. Read it here.

(5) The catholic teuchtar is on fine form with a series of posts providing a "counter-history" of Scotland's more famous/infamous Catholics. Here is an example.

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Anonymous said...

on No 5 about Mary Queen of Scots. I've read some pretty confusing things about her. Whether she was complicit in the murder of her husband is debatable as the evidence isn't that clear. There's a lot od black legend to pick through dating back to when the poor woman was still living. I don't know whether I consider her a martyr ... Elizabeth, who I think was a dreadful queen, certainly murdered her.
I like Benson's take on it in "Come Rack, Come Rope" but in the end, however well researched-it's fiction.
I know a lot of history has been mixed with protestant fibs but I am cautious about Catholic revisionism in case it fibs too.