Sunday, 7 September 2008

This and that

I'm sorry I haven't been around much, but commuting is a nightmare and the new job is taking some getting used to. I'm needing my sleep and the blog world has had to take a back seat.

Here are a few things I have noticed recently:

There is at least one supermarket that sells a "chocolate for dieters" that is marketed in packaging to make it look just like the contraceptive pill. It has a logo that makes much of all the indulgence and none of the weight gain. Well, it is sick. I feel I ought to do something about it, I just can't think what...any ideas?

The same supermarket was selling 2 litre bottles of wine in plastic that looks like it had been designed to hold vegetable oil. The price was ridiculously cheap. Just who was it designed for? It look like it was designed for someone with a drink problem (or the potential for a serious drink problem), nobody else would touch it. I thought it was irresponsible...but then I've known too many for whom alcohol has become a demon and parasite.

I know those trapped in life threatening weather conditions all need our prayers but somehow I feel driven to pray even more so for the people of Haiti. Not only is the weather deadly, but that is on top of the starvation and the hopelessness of the economy; it is probably a better candidate than Zimbabwe for "Hell on Earth" at the moment. There are many strange things afoot in that land but how marvelous is every soul that is saved from the brink. Aid to the Church in Need have funded many projects in that land.

Finally, I'm utterly sick of the cult of personality that shamelessly parading itself as politics both in the UK and the USA and elsewhere. Can it be said clearly enough; none of the politicians, senators, Vietnam-vets, great white hopes, great brown hopes or hockey moms will do any good. Why? Because we are putting them on a pedestal. What happens when we stick a fellow human being on a pedestal? Someone else tries to knock them off. We don't know these people, but we do know they are human. Like the rest of us they are all deeply flawed. They need political parties with policies. Policies that show concern for all those within the country, that are fair and not obsessed with ratings and serving the press and media and feeding our fears. We put these guys on pedestals, they do their little dances for us, we holler and slaver like guys watching pole dancers. We've forgotten the human being, we have created a fictional being that we then start to put our hopes and fears is doomed to failure. There is no debate and nothing is done, the cult of celebrity is a smoke screen that everyone wishes to hide behind whilst more and more are falling into poverty, falling out of education, loosing opportunities, unable to use their talents and becoming slaves to welfare, crap insecure jobs and loan sharks.

Oh, and I'm sick of all this nice hair and day-glo teeth, why do politicians all have to look like Barbie's aunties and uncles? Why can't they have rotten teeth, sweat problems, the odd scar, a funny walk, embarrassing tattoo and inability to make clothes look good. I guess, this just goes to show I'm as obsessed with image as the rest of you..


Irene said...

M-m-m-m. Long essay to respond to, but I'll try.

(1) "chocolate for dieters" -- is it sick? Sure. Should you do anything about it? You have more important things to do with your time. It would be wasting your time unless you worked on converting the supermarket owner.

(2) Cheap wine -- always and forever designed for those alcoholics Americans call "winos". Is it irresponsible? Sure. But same answer -- you are wasting your time unless you are working on converting the supermarket owner or getting the winos into a 12-step program.

(3) Haiti = hell on earth -- sure, although the Horn of Africa is another good candidate for the worst hell. That can you do about it? Do you want to move there? Or do you want to import any of the Haitians as refugees? Any other help is a bandaid

(4) Last but not least, politics -- your are right on, dead center. The early church had the best answer: "Quid est imperatori cum ecclesia?"

Politics is dirty and immoral. Best not to sully your hands.

Tom in Vegas said...

Gosh, Rita, American politics isn't turning you cynical, is it?
:0) LOL!

I thought with Tony Blair's conversion most Brits would think more favorably of politicians in general.

I've held steadfast to the believe that Dame Edna would make a good political figure in both Great Britain and the U.S. Just about every group you can think of can find representation in her (or is it him?).

Rita said...


Re: (4)
The charity I mentioned primarily focuses on the spiritual needs of people by helping priests and religious communities. I'm not keen on other types of charity/bandaid unless it is done with an aim of getting people to help themselves.


Cynical, moi?

No, the best leader this country never had was the late "professor Stanley Unwin". A fine fellow who talked a lot of sense- look him up on google!