Monday, 15 September 2008

The last time a beautiful voice made me cry was when listening to a recording of the Red Army Chorus. Perhaps this shows what a shallow person I am. Still, even today, when their routine verges on the high camp and pantomime, they still have some of the best lungs in the business.

Here they are singing Dark Eyes

No real reason for this post other than I felt like it. Don't for one minute think I'm a fan of Russian imperialism, or the imperialist posturings of any other country for that matter.


AutumnRose said...

Oh, I love Red Army choirs! :D
Thanks for posting this... ;)

Kirk said...

Everyone has some good points. I like listening to them singing Kalinka!

Tom in Vegas said...

As a child, I was exposed to this song despite the fervent anti-communist convictions of my family, which we still hold steadfast to.

I never understood what the song was about until just a few months ago. It really is a beautiful song with a rich children's choir and wonderful orchestration.