Friday, 19 September 2008

From Irene

Irene linked to the following blog with this holy card and caption, saying it was appropriate for my ponderings about a parish:

"It is such a folly to pass one's time fretting instead of resting quietly on the heart of Jesus."

St. Therese of Lisieux

(This is a 5-fold booklet holy card.
This means you open the first page to the left, the second page to the right, two smaller pages, and then the larger picture in the middle. Be sure to double click to see it enlarged.)

That is beautiful, thank you Irene. It does put things in perspective. However, you are always on the move in the ol' Airstream and part of me is a little jealous of your nomadic existence. Unfortunately, being stuck in a stone house without wheels, means I'd quite like to feel at home in my locality and that means having a parish, a parish family and a parish priest. The big crime I'm guilty of here is the picking and choosing of a parish, it reeks of all that is wrong with our consumerist, "shop around" society. Where I've moved from there was no choice and whilst aspects of parish life and liturgy were decidedly off the wall, it was home and we felt part of the family and it was an enriching experience. I even got a present off the priest when we left, priests don't usually do that sort of thing!

You're right, just go to Mass and don't fret. Now, what do I do about confession?


Kirk said...

Thanks for that post Rita. It helps me too. I attend Mass where I do not always follow what is happening because of my poor grasp of German (I just cannot learn it properly). But I enjoy 'resting' with Our Lord during that time and I no longer fret about not understanding the sermon as I have my devotions to say quietly during the time...

Irene said...

Go frequently and enjoy the comfort of absolution.

And don't give up on the possibility of nomadism. It's easier than you think.