Wednesday, 3 September 2008


I must thank Philip for awarding me this stupendous award! Especially as due to the pressures of work I'm hardly blogging at the moment.

All the chaps and chappesses I would have nominated for this have been done with the exception of the brilliant James Mawdsely, but he's too cool for this sort of thing (perhaps).

Life is weird at the moment. Imagine waking up and finding your soccer team is now the wealthiest in the Universe thanks to some serious money from the Gulf. Well, I have done. I hope they realise the DNA of this team is programmed for self-destruction and heroic failure. As irritating as this is, they wouldn't be MCFC if it wasn't the case. In other words, if they start becoming as pompously successful as their nearest neighbours (if you don't know who they are - you must come from Manchester), then they simply ain't my team, so I'll know it was all a dream anyway and MCFC have really ceased to exist due to an act of enourmous stupidity and greed.

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Ttony said...

"Pompously successful"

That's the best unsuccessful attempt at a put down from a City fan I've heard for a long time.

Taksin, realising that he'd bought the wrong club, manages to palm it off on some people withan idiosyncratic, let us say, view of where Maine Rd (Eastlands if you must) leads to.

"Pompusly successful": Ho Ho Ho!