Monday, 29 September 2008

Being leaderless and disillusioned with politics is one thing, but feeling the Catholic Church in you own country is bereft of many good, sound, loyal, holy and humble men to lead it in these difficult times is quite another. There are such priests, but as with much that is good, they will be sidelined. Few of our English Bishops seem to be showing the vertebrae they were born with.

Why hasn't the Cardinal issued a prayer card for the nation, so that we can all be united, praying for the intercession on the Holy Spirit to guide the Church and inspire a suitable candidate to fill the post? I think that some in high places see the office of Cardinal as purely political and not as anything divinely inspired. Politics is crap on its own, we don't want the Church filled with it too.

Talking of this, if I were Cardinal (tee hee), one of the first things I'd do is ban lay parish liturgy groups. They have far too much influence with far too little sound training. Guess who populates them too? All those recently retired baby boomers with time on their hands. Guess where their sympathies lie, guess their agenda? I could be really bitchy and say something about "empty vessels"....hmm. Unfortunately, priests are often somewhat terrified by ladies of this certain age and often just "give the punters what they want" irrespective of how representative these well meaning folk are.


Ponte Sisto said...

Oh Rita, you have summed up exactly how I feel at the moment. After last Sunday's Mass, I overheard one of these "baby boomers" congratulate the lady (another baby boomer) responsible for the rendition of "American Eucharist". He described it as "beautiful singing". Yuk! Up until that point, I thought they were strangling cats.

As for leadership in the national Church... sigh! Growing up as an Anglo-Catholic,I became sick of having to apologize for being "too Catholic". I never imagined this would still be the case as a Roman Catholic!

Irene said...

Here we go with the ubiquity of sin again.

We all know that the God of politics is Mammon, do we not?

And we also know that the church is filled with politics, at all levels -- from the Vatican to the smallest, lowliest, most distant and isolated rural parish (St. Kilda, anyone?). Can this be a surprise, since we know that everyone is a sinner -- even the Holy Father himself, each Cardinal in the College, every Archbishop and Bishop, every priest, and all of the laity.

What to do?

Of course our principle weapons as always remain prayer and evangelism. But your suggestion is a good one. And if the Cardinal will not do it, why do you not design the fitting card and publish it on this erudite blog. Then you can pray that the Cardinal will at least plagerize it.

Anonymous said...

Rita! You darn right on the liturgy girl!

MaggieClitheroe said...

I suppose you've heard this one,

Q. "How do you tell the difference between a liturgist and a terrorist?"
A. "You can negotiate with a terrorist" !!!

Anonymous said...

All you have written is so true.
Politics is crap; politics in the church is even worse crap.
I am so fed up with it.
God bless you.
St Michael defend us in battle and Holy Spirit PLEASE inspire our Holy Father to find us a good Cardinal from somewhere.