Sunday, 24 August 2008

Well, we've now moved house! We managed to find somewhere reasonably cheap but in the countryside. DH has got used to hearing owls at night and talking about ferrets with the locals...he'd struggle to be back in a large town. We're pretty exhausted after the unpacking and de-spidering.

Thank you all for your prayers. You remain in mine.

God Bless


ukok said...

thanks for keeping us updated.I was thinking about you only the other day and was delighted to see your new post pop up in my Bloglines.

I'd love to live in the countryside again. Rural living suits me so well. I think the kids would have something to say about it though :-)

Tom in Vegas said...

I hate moving. There must be an easier way to execute such an excruciating process. Anyway, glad you're back.

MaggieClitheroe said...

Wow, the Therese and Mr an Mrs Martin have been working overtime - I remembered your intentions at Lisieux, and UKOK's, and when I get back, miracles have happened! I hope you settle in to the countryside, a very healing place to be.
God Bless.

Ponte Sisto said...

God bless you in your new home!

AutumnRose said...

Hoping you settle in soon!
Pace e bene, AR xx

Kirk said...

Welcome back Rita.
Living in the countryside is the best way to live I think. I would love to do that!