Saturday, 30 August 2008


Developing a routine can be very difficult when everything has been turned upsidedown. I think things will be better once I'm back at school. Work is great for focusing the mind and time spent in prayer becomes so precious and special because you simply have to make time for it.

My current prayer life is scrappy and lacking routine yet I'm finding it easy to thank God and praise God and I feel very much at peace.

My study in the new house is the smallest bedroom, it only has a velux window so I get no dreamy views. Also with it being a rented property, I'm reluctant to cover the walls with blu-tac and prayer cards and posters as I would in my own home. However, it does have two small wooden shelves that are practically useless for holding anything.

They have become something of a focus my prayers as they contain:

My late grandfathers's freestanding crucifix.
An icon of the Virgin and Child surrounded by the Apsotles that my parents brought back from Poland for me.
My St Michael prayer card (given to be by DH's 91 yr old auntie)
My small plastic statue of St Rita minus halo (she lost it when we were rewired a few years ago)
My late grandfather's wormhole ridden Missale Romanum given to him by his Latin teacher in Ipoh when he converted to the Faith in 1930. This contains various memorial cards for the deceased.
Next to this is a small rosary belonging to my late maternal grandmother and next to that is a small wooden statue of Our Lady given to me by my paternal grandmother.

The display forms a good focus for prayers and constant a reminder of prayers for the living and the dead around the world.


Adrienne said...

I have my maternal grandma's rosary on my prayer shelf, too. She used hers a bunch more than I use mine....Sigh!

ukok said...


hope things are becoming more settled for you in your new home. Our rewire has just finished. Hoorah!

I think that routine keeps a person 'on track' spiritually. Without routine we can 'drift' spiritually. This is what i am finding of late,with my own spiritual life.

It is time to start addressing that , i can see that.

Visual aids and spiritual reading can help to do that. It might sound daft but i hope that as i begin to put pictures up on my bare walls, as i unwrap the statues from their bubblewrap, that once again i may become a more spiritually centred person. My spiritual life, like the shell of my home, ha felt abandoned for a long i have to fill it, with good things.

I'm sorry.

I intended to write about you and ended up writing about me. I suppose that is the sign that you wrote a thought provoking post though :-)

Ponte Sisto said...

You have an award.