Friday, 25 July 2008

Newish Jolly Good Blogs

Traffic is definitely having a Summertime lull and some of my favourite bloggers seem to be having some well earned time off. Nevertheless, there are some reet good reads out there that I've been meaning to add some new blogs to the side bar for some time.

Southern and Catholic is a fine convert with some good things to say though seems to feel she's broadcasting into a vacuum, pay her a visit please!

Ponte Sisto Philip's new blog is excellent and already winning hearts and minds with his gentle style and good grace.

I need to slap myself soundly round the head and shoulders for omitting Maggie Clitheroe and Mrs Pea from the list.

Kirk is busy having a holiday at the moment but a worthy blog nevertheless.

Bangor to Bobbio is an excellent clerical blog our Catholic Mom of 10 linked to some time back, it is well worth a read.

Please, please visit Iesus Hominum Salvator, Rob's blog is a real gem and he's like to know people are out there, keep him in your prayers.

The Hound of Heaven seems to roam the same part of the world as me, I wonder if our paths have crossed?

The Scottish Catholic Teuchtar is where I dream of being.


Tom in Vegas said...

Some of these look pretty interesting. Must stop by and say "hi."

BTW, is there really such a thing as a vacuum?

Rita said...

Hello Tom,
Just posted on your blog.

Vacuums heh? Well deep space has about 1 hydrogen atom per kilometre cubed, so it ain't empty.

The real boffins say a vacuum is full and busy with stuff bubbling in and out of existence.

Oh and we spend millions on devices to clean them!

I guess they are just a figment of a philosophers imagination, much like straight lines and circles.

Adrienne said...

Thanks for the links. Kirk better get back soon. I miss him!

MaggieClitheroe said...

Oh, so that's why my tea goes cold in the vacuum flask - it wasn't one after all! Thanks for the link too!