Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Because of the Angels

For your general interest, here are some headcoverings from diverse Christian communities. We seem to have forgotten just how natural it is for women to cover up. It has only taken a generation or two, for this to happen.

Mennonite head coverings like the one shown below can be found here. The site also contains handy hints for keeping them on your head.

More really fine coverings from a Christian site in the US "She maketh herself coverings" like the one shown below, here. Scroll down the page, it's not an easy to navigate site.

"Lilies of the Field" provide some scary modest clothing, but some delightful, understated veils, here

Or if you want something altogether more Catholic looking, try the easy wear mantilla (see below) from Halo Works, here.

Then again, there are some staggeringly beautiful (see below)Spanish mantillas here from "Blooming Veils"


Tom in Vegas said...

You may not believe this, but I've NEVER worn any of these to a Church ceremony in my life:0) (insert mischievous chuckle here).

ukok said...

That last one is just gorgeous!

Rita said...


Gorgeous, yes! But just not me.


Bet you wear them when you're not in church though. (woops, mischevious chuckle back...)

Irene said...

Nothing beats an attractive lady in a black mantilla for beauty.

MaggieClitheroe said...

Oooh, very pretty.
I saw a gorgeous one with Our Lady of Guadaloupe on it, once; I'm not sure who supplied it.. I was very tempted, but then thought it might be a distraction to people behind me - wouldn't want them thinking they'd seen a vision on the back of my head... hee hee! (Still, better that distraction than the bellies and botts one!!!).

Ponte Sisto said...

Being an English gentleman... ahem!... I would like to see men wearing hats outdoors, too. Proper hats, such as Homburgs. That way, we could doff them to ladies, as we passed by; or remove them as a sign of respect, such as at a funeral. Little things: big impressions.

Rita said...

Oooh yes, Philip! I couldn't agree more. Some elderly gentlemen round here still do and I think it is wonderful.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Some beautiful veils there. I have the one with Our Lady of Guadelupe-got it from Halo Works. I wear it as a shawl and a bit of a cover for breastfeeding a more active baby.

I've seen the Lilies of the Field clothes before and other similar sites. HECK! WHY does modesty have to mean THAT!
Nightingales do lovely and modest clothes - though a bit beyond my budget unless it's a sale. Unfortunately they don't offer a 'nursing option' for their stuff. I think I should ask them to.

berenike said...