Friday, 13 June 2008

Denying God makes you look stupid.

An athiest colleague and a gifted mathematician quoted the following from the Telegraph at me today as evidence that those who believe in God are stupid.

A survey of Royal Society fellows found that only 3.3 per cent believed in God - at a time when 68.5 per cent of the general UK population described themselves as believers.

Anyway the manic glee in her voice as she said it, gave the game away, and made her look pretty foolish. What's so good about the Royal Society anyway? They threw Eric Laithwaite out and he's "top banana".

I am praying for her, she is carrying round an awful lot of bitterness, though I have to say I am quite glad I won't be working with her next academic year.

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James M said...

When Jesus said the rich will have difficulty entering the Kingdom of God, He did not just mean rich in money. Riches in intellect can make folk even more proud and self-sufficient than wealth. Alas.

(By the way Rita, I've commented on your comment--what's a 'split tabernacle'? Sounds awful.)