Tuesday, 10 June 2008

10 people meme

Kirk and WSNS suggested anyone who wanted to could consider themselves tagged with this meme: ten people you would like to spend 10 minutes with.

I thought I'd give it a go.

(1) St Paul If I could have been at one of the houses where he stayed on his travels, I'd have loved to look into his eyes, not talk, just look and let others do the talking. I imagine he had the kindest eyes in one of the roughest, most knocked about faces. Also, whilst his letters aren't exactly full of rib ticklers, I'm sure he had a great sense of humour.

(2) Pope Paul VI

(3) King Henry VI I've already mentioned my affection for this monarch, I'd like to know more.

(4) Margaret of Anjou wife of the above, but not in her husband's company, a fascinating woman in her own right.

(5) St Anne Line If I had half her bravery and common sense.....

(6) Isabella Bird A fine lady, anyone who travels through Malaya with water soaked linen bands under her corset to keep cool, is OK by me.

(7)Hedy Lamar A real beauty and a pretty good physicist too.

(8) Zheng He The famous eunuch and explorer with the same clan name as me.

(9) Joseph Rotblat The only person to resign from the Manhattan Project, a physicist of integrity and a man of peace.

(10) E.F Schumacher A Catholic convert and man of great wisdom, his ideas should be taken much more seriously.

A photo of Hedy Lamar cos she's the only one who is mildly photogenic.

Now, other reader, consider yourself tagged.

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Kirk said...

An interesting party!
I have always had a sneeky regard for Margaret of Anjou despite her many many detractors and as for St Ann Line, those English martyrs are always to be admired for their fortitude and great faith.