Sunday, 4 May 2008

Mother in Law

My mother in law has asked us to pray for her tonight so I invite you to join us and pray especially for all the elderly who find themselves alone and frightened, no matter whether what frightens them is real or imaginary.

MIL is the sweetest lady, if you were to meet her. She is nearly 90 and is one of the gentlest and meekest ladies you could ever meet. Unfortunately she somewhat overdoes the meek, she believes she is not good enough for anybody's company, she believes nobody could possibly be interested in her, she believes she never has anything interesting to say. Unfortunately this springs over into her spiritual life too. She believes she is not good enough to say the rosary because she loses her concentration (don't we all), she often thinks God is punishing her for her silliness.

Personally I think she has suffered from depression for most of her adult life and it has never been properly diagnosed. She is a very good actor in front of doctors, she is always "fine" when they are around, and they are never wiley enough to dig deeper.

In the midst of all this she clings to the Infant of Prague, saying his chaplet each day, and He gives her such graces, only often she gets so self-absorbed and despondent, she can't recognise them.

Just seen this bit of wisdom on the Ty Mam Duw (Poor Clare Colletine sisters) site that I link to on the side of this blog. It is about praying for people and couldn't be more timely.

* Ask the Lord if you may pray for this person or situation.

* Listen to what he tells you.

* Adore the Lord.

* Intercede for the person, simply and straightforwardly - God has the details.

* Leave yourself and any personal investment you may have in the situation to one side; want only God’s goodness to be manifest.

* Do not tell the Lord what to do; let him tell you.

* Thank him.



ukok said...

I will pray for the intentions here mentioned, Rita.

God Bless you

p.s.Thank you so much for your supportive comments on my blog - much appreciated!

Tom in Vegas said...

Indeed, I shall pray for your mother-in-law, who reminds me of my dear grandmother. Please let her know that St. Therese de Lisieux used to fall asleep praying her Rosary. And not only is she a saint, but she is also a Doctor of the Church!!

Irene said...

We will join the prayer chain -- but I think we should pray that she accept some professional help (psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychologically trained priests all come to mind). And while I'm usually anti-medication, it sounds like this is one situation where it is needed.

Rita said...

Thanks everyone!

Irene, I agree, some temporary medication would work wonders to lift her out of her trough of despond and get her into a positive routine...

When the elderly are depressed they are very good at making sure everybody round them also becomes despondent. Husband is tearing his hair out trying to get her to take an interest in anything other than just sitting there saying how terrible everything is.

Irene said...

Did not know the husband was still alive. I really feel for him. He needs our prayers also. And at that age, he can't have a whole lot of hair left to lose.

He too might benefit from some medication, simply to take the edge off his suffering. But perhaps that already has been done.

Rita said...

No, that's not MIL's husband (he died 15 years ago and may he rest in peace), that's my husband tearing his hair out!

He does need our prayers too, he has had to drive up to Lancashire today to see his mum, she's not well at all.