Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Coffee is strange stuff. I'm not even sure I like it. To me it's like chocolate, an addictive smell but often the taste and texture is utterly disappointing. Coffee is always dreadful if drunk alone (unlike tea which is best savoured uninterrupted) and usually tastes better out of a glass!

Anyway, the ever caring Autumn Rose has invited me to share a coffee and this I will do gladly. The best thing about coffee is the company.

To share with the company of some truly excellent English ladies, I would have round my table:
Mrs Pea
La Mamma
The Autumn Rose herself
and the ever watchfull Mom of 10

On one of my trips to the land of my fathers, would the holy bloggers of the IC join me for a plate of Maturbak and a sickly sweet, smooth Kopi Tarek at Hameediyah on Campbell St in Georgetown?
and can we smuggle over an ex-blogger from Singapore (deo-juvante)
and the mighty Archistrategos ?
That's if they wouldn't mind being in the company of a somewhat eccentric, un-cool, middle-aged lady who loves Penang....

Pass it on to 5 people you would like to share a coffee with today :) Here’s a small graphic for your sidebar:


Lucy said...

Aw, thank you, Rita :o)

Anonymous said...

Many thanks Rita! I love coffee!

Autumn said...

Oh thank you for sharing it back. On a downer today, and would love coffee with a friend (closes eyes and imagines)
AR xx

Andrew said...

Many thanks!! It's settled then, Kopi Tarik when you get back.

la mamma said...

Thank you, Rita. I'll happily have coffee with you and the others. I can't share at the moment, as am at my parents' home and don't have long but will do so when a minute comes my way. Must point out, though, that I'm not English. Have you never notcied that anyone who describes themselves as 'British' is invariably not English? I do, however, live in England, I am married to an Englishman and my children sound very English (to the amusement of my friends from home!).