Friday, 29 February 2008

Support a new blog

I promised I'd give a plug to the following blog from Augustine entitled Love of Your Love. Just how effective a plug from me will be considering my posts are thin on the ground due to the hectic and uncomfortable time I'm having just now, and my visitor count is not that great...Anyway, dear reader, please pay him a visit.

But in truth, you who are very truth, you know me well
and can testify that I write this for the love of your love
my Lord, my most dear Jesus.
I want your love to burn in me as you command
so that I may desire to love you alone
and sacrifice to you a troubled spirit,
'a broken and contrite heart'.

St Anselm


Adrienne said...

I paid a visit to your friend. I will be supporting him just as others supported me when I got started. Besides, he is going to be a Catholic and maybe, God willing, a priest.

How's the job hunting going??

AutumnRose said...

I'm here!
I try and check in every day, if I can :)
Thinking of you!
Will go and take a look at the blog you mention now.
AR xx