Saturday, 16 February 2008

Slap in the face

My family have an oft told tale about a long dead relative (may God rest her soul) that is usually dredged out to show how hypocritical us Catholics are. I just see it as a warning about all our behaviour and that is why I'm repeating it now.

Whilst very ill in hospital, she was visited by a Jesuit priest she knew and asked if she would like to make her confession and reconcile herself to God. She promptly found enough strength to slap the priest across the face and say something about being "more sinned against than sinning".

My point is this. Don't we all sometimes slap Christ across the face with our refusal to repent, be humble and truly follow him? We say to ourselves how good and holy we are, (not like the other fellow over there) good and holy our refined lives are, how morally upright and true to the Church's teaching we are, how much more modest and dignified we are than that that female Eucharistic minister with the spray-on bright green jeans and rainbow jumper, how well we genuflect, how well we pray........

The Mocking of Christ - Fra Angelico


Joe said...

Thank you for a post that would be timely at any time of the year, but is particularly relevant during the Lenten season.

Those of us who are inclined to raise a critical post from time to time (myself included in that number)could perhaps consider explicitly (1) the requirements of charity towards those with whom we disagree and (2) the fact that our own faults might justifiably be placed alongside the contents of a critical post. Such a consideration might result in our posting differently, or not at all. It could give our blogging a Catholic style as well as a Catholic content.

AutumnRose said...

A good reminder, Rita...thank you xx