Saturday, 23 February 2008

Saints Meme

A meme from Mac.

1. First Saint you "met"?
The first time I was really aware that Catholics somehow did things differently and had different objectives to everyone else was in meeting the Infant of Prague. (Much more that a saint, I know!) He looked down on us from a high shelf at the playgroup I attended and He fascinated me. He also lived in a red glass and silver sarcophagus about 3 inches long that my Irish grandmother kept in her croc-skin handbag. We never visited Grandma without me wanting to see the Infant.

2. Favourite Saint(s)?
St Anthony of Padua and St Rita, two saints that hang around the back of any church and will powerfully interceed for the hopelessly lost and confused that find themselves wandering in, they only have to ask.

3. Patron saint for the year?
Somehow I missed out on the allocation of a patron for the year. I do however feel that it is the year I may be asking for the special intercession of St Joseph.

4. Favourite book by a saint?
Confessions- St Augustine

5. Saint book you are reading now?
My Lenten reading is "A Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation" by St Thomas More. I'm only sorry I haven't had as much time to devote to it as I would like.

6. Favourite film of a saint?
Not a genre I have ever bothered with. I don't think I have ever seen a film depiction of a saint.

7. Favourite Autobiography/Biography of a saint?
In my last parish we had the perpetual novena each Thursday and Father's homily usually centred around some very obscure saint he had found information on. I don't know whose biographies he used, but many of the tales were truly inspirational, many were also very funny.

8. Favourite novel/book by a saint?
Saints don't write novels, they don't set out to write books either.
The writings of St Paul are a constant source of inspiration.

9. Saint (besides your favourites) you'd want to meet?
Why? To find out what they're really like: Ss Joan of Arc and Christina Mirabilis. Becuase I love them: St John of God and St Theresa of Avila.

10. Saint you look to for help?
All of them, at different times, according to specific circumstances.

11.Favourite saint quote?
Any of the English Martyr quotes, my favourite quote is probably St Ralph Sherwin's "I appeal to my Redeemer's clemency. I have no boldness but in his blood. His bitter Passion is my only consolation" (1581)

12. Favourite Holy Card?
Sorry, I don't understand this question.

13. Favourite story of a saint?
Any stories of levitation, bilocation, walking miles carrying ones own head to find a priest....anything that defies common sense has to be good.

14. If you could go anywhere on a pilgrimage to a saint's homeland, where would it be?
I'd love to travel in the footsteps of St Paul. This would be particularly special as my husband has a great devotion to him and it is something we could do together.

15. Any Blesseds or Venerables that you would like to become canonized?

Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity

Blessed Margaret Sinclair

I'm not going to tag anyone because I think this meme is too long. Take up the challenge if you so wish!!

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