Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Crucifix (3)

There is some dangerous rubbish on the internet, but you don't need me to tell you that. Within the "Catholic blogworld" much that is nasty and horrid has to do with the papacy of Paul VI. That the pope who gave us Humanae Vitae should be so castigated by those who consider themselves ultra orthodox is a great irony. He is a pope who suffered greatly (maybe more than John Paul II), because his suffering was so interior, did we all pray for him as much as we should have done?

Paul VI introduced the cross which is shown below being used by both John Paul II and Benedict XVI in their "hermaneutic of continuity".

Some rot has been written, that I refuse to provide hyperlinks to, that the cross is satanic, that it proves that the Chair of Peter is currently unoccupied because no "real pope" would use it.

The cross is certainly very rugged and there is something very disquieting about the way Christ is so slumped upon it. I have to say, I don't like it.  It is ugly and there is no getting away from that fact. However isn't the point of this representation that Christ is weighed down by our sins and totally submits to the will of the Father and for that moment on Calvary, He also submits totally to gravity. He must descend before he can ascend. The cross can also be seen as a metaphor for the Church Militant and few other crucifixes come close to showing a more humble, meek and human Christ. I'd personally be surprised if Benedict XVI ditched it (though many traddies wish he would), it means too much, it is too good a teaching aid. It is the crucifix on the end of the rosary I use which I got from Aid to the Church in Need, it most certainly has its place in the meditative life of the Church.

However, if you find all that too uncomfortable, here is a picture of John Paul II with the older papal cross.

God Bless our Popes, the Great, the Good and the rest!


AutumnRose said...

It is also the cross on the end of my Rosary, too. I have read the nonsense on some very anti-Catholic sites about it being a Satanic cross, and just think 'what nonsense'! I had no idea though that it was also reviled by some Catholics.

Do they not have better things to spend time and energy on?

AR xx

Irene said...

It has my vote as well.

Adrienne said...

Those folks need to "get a life"

Anonymous said...

The older cross you showed is the non rational one in the sense that it has too many horizontal cross pieces.
The new one is fine. Trads need the obsession of trivial debates because something big in their life is really bothering them and obsession with trivia protects the human being from facing what is really bothering them.

Rita said...

A little unfair, methinks. We play nice here! And we ALL have baggage and hang-ups, not just the traddies.

BTW-Are you going to slate the Orthodox Christians for their cross too?

Anonymous said...

Bye bye. Controls are unevenly used here.

Mac McLernon said...

Rita, off topic, but I've tagged you for a meme!

Tom in Vegas said...


Get a brain to think with THEN get a life (in that order).

I've learned to ignore the anti-Catholic bias, pompous BS from people who either want to neologize the Catholic Church, or dilute it beyond recognition.

Rita said...

Woops, see I go offending people again! Bye, bye anon. The controls are NOT used unevenly here, I'm driving! It's my blog. Please write one yourself if you feel you have something to say.

Ouch Tom, are you sure you don't have any Cantonese ancestors too?!

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

My daughter wears that crucifix. I don't think it hurts to remember Jesus didn't go to a conference to save us (well, okay it does hurt-but it's a hurt some of us need).