Thursday, 14 February 2008

Book Tag

Andrew at Unam Sanctam has tagged me for the 123 book meme. I'm in my study, looking through an undergraduate physics text book, so here goes.

(1) find the nearest book.
Done! Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick and Walker 5th ed
(2) open p 123
(3) find the 5th sentence
(4) post the next three.

Figure 6-21 shows a section of a circular space station that rotates about its center so as to give an apparent weight to the crew. One of the crew is shown at the outer wall of the station, which has velocity v. (a) If the astronaut moves to a point closer to the center (say by taking the elevator), does his apparent weight increase, decrease, or remain the same? (b) If instead, the astronaut runs along the outer wall in the direction opposite v (with a speed less than the magnitude of v), does his apparent weight increase, decrease or remain the same?

Now don't all go flooding my comment box with answers to this all at once...

I tag Irene, and Joe (will it be Physics or Faith or neither?)

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Joe said...

I no longer posseses Halliday, Resnick et al, but it brings back memories!