Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Virtual Holiday...

Just taking myself of a virtual holiday Where would you go...?

Isle of Mull

Loch na Keal, Mull
Loch na Keal

Ulva- Mull

Treshnish Isles -Mull

Rannoch Moor- My favourite place in the whole world!


la mamma said...

My initial reaction to this was, 'seriously? Rannoch moor?' but then I've never seen it like that, Rita, in fact I don't think that I'd ever seen more than three feet infront of my nose. It all depends on the mist and you have evidently been lucky.

Rita said...

Rannoch Moor has a magic of its own in any weather. I don't find it a sad place, unlike Glencoe. There is a stark beauty and silence on the moor that just draws me in. Then again I have been lucky, the visibility has usually been pretty good.....

La Mamma, is there any place that calls you?

la mamma said...

Oh yes, Rita. My Highland homeland. I haven't been there for over a year now (pregnant with the twins, then mother of twins and two pre-schoolers, etc - the time was just gobbled up). I'm hoping we'll make it in April (during the 'Easter' holidays, which are about three weeks into Eastertide).

Paulinus said...

North Yorkshire: God's Own Country