Sunday, 13 January 2008


I was attending a baptism today, which was a joyous and appropriate thing to do. Please pray for all those who were baptised today.

It did however remind me of the 101 excuses I've heard regarding procrastination and this sacrament. Please pray for all those who have used the following excuses...

(1) Can't afford to "put on a do" afterwards, so will wait until we can.
(2) I want him to outgrow the Christening gown that my mother-in-law wants him to wear, I want as little to do with his side of the family as possible.
(3) I think we'll get her baptised in the Methodist church, apparently you don't need godparents there, but there's no rush.
(4) Wait until they are old enough to make up their own minds.
(5) His grandmother sprinkled her head with holy water, won't that do?
(6) We'd only be doing it to please the grandparents.....


Jaimie said...

Hi Rita, I found your blog from Tom's and I just had to see if the rumor was true and you had a picture of bacteria up. :)
You have alot of other great stuff too and it has been an enjoyable visit!

Rita said...

Thank you for your kind words, Jaimie.

Adrienne said...

Gosh, Rita - you're bacteria will make you famous:)

Tom in Vegas said...

The fourth assertion (Wait until they are old enough to make up their own minds) sounds as poorly reasoned as it does Protestant.

Philip said...


You have received an award. Please visit my blog for details.

God bless


Rita said...

Ooh, Philip, you flatter me. This is just a small blog that few read. Most of my hits seem to come from people searching for pictures of St Rose of Lima!

Thanks all the same.

Tom: They all worry me and I'm never sure my response is adequate. I'd have all babies baptised when only a few days old if it were up to me.

How do you answer the reasoning that says that it doesn't matter when the baptism happens as long as it does, because God stands outside time and knows the prayers and sacraments that have yet to take place?

Andrew said...

For reason, number four, perhaps this might interested you. I fisked a Jesuit priest's post on letting a child grow up before deciding on which religion to follow.

Rita said...

Thanks Andrew!