Saturday, 29 December 2007

The Lesser Brethren

This picture used to hang on my wall as a child in a not particularly religious household. It was given to me by my godmother (an Anglican) and I loved it. I found it again when going through some stuff at my parents house as they make a brave attempt to "downsize".

The Lesser Brethren by Margaret Tarrant

Now the frame is shattered and it is a bit faded. I thought about getting it re-framed but hubby thinks it is sentimental rubbish and "too much a Protestant representation of Jesus". But Jeffrey has posted this sublime painting on his site today:

OK, so there is 500 years between the two paintings but how is one "Protestant" and the other sublime? Just where is the divide? All I know is that without The Lesser Brethren, my upbringing would have been all the poorer.


Jeffrey Smith said...

I don't see a divide at all. I've suffered through a lot of Protestant pictures and I just don't see that one as qualifying. What's wrong with a bit of sentiment, anyway?

Rita said...

Thanks Jeffrey,
I'll get it a new frame! Actually I don't find it a particularly sentimental painting, I think she has painted a particularly convincing Christ from the depths of her deep Christian convictions.

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree!! Here in the States, there is a (Catholic, mind you)catalog available from Abbey Press in St. Meinrad, Indiana. Since I love animals which I consider God's to us, I obtained a print from them nearly 20 years ago. I wish the print would be available on cups and bookmarks which would be a good idea to help raise funds for animal shelters. Roseann Domencic