Thursday, 27 December 2007

Musings on multitasking.

From the brainy blog of Lawrence Gage (Real Physics), this his musings on an article about multitasking. It makes very interesting reading.

I worry that my frequent inability to concentrate at Mass, is often a manifestation of my inability to "multitask" effectively. Some say it is because I have a "male brain", what! To concentrate at Mass I prefer to follow it in my missal and I find Mass much more prayerful if it starts with the entrance antiphon and not a hymn. The hymns need to be sung devoutly, and need to the liturgically relevant (I start wandering off course when they are not). I struggle with Fr's sermons because he's telling me how I should be praying and how I'm allowed to get angry with God. I'm not angry with God, and I start thinking about what he is saying and go off course again. I need silence during the Mass, but I'm not going to get it. I want to say the Creed slowly, very slowly...fat chance! Prayers for Madeline McCann, with no mention of the countless other missing/abducted children in the world (I get cross here and this is wrong). See, it's all me me me. How selfish I am because I can't take in all the stimuli of the Novus Ordo Mass simultaneously. I have a similar problem with polyphony during the Mass........

I've never been convinced by multitasking in other domains either, and the more I see of the education system, the more convinced I am that true understanding only comes with silence and singular concentration. Education in this country is all about the presentation of bitty, factual content with no depth, jazzed up to look good and be temporarily stimulating. Let's all be busy, busy, busy, it stops us thinking.

Thinking might just be dangerous!


Adrienne said...

I think there is a book out entitled "Multitasking Makes You Stupid" I'll check Amazon!!

Adrienne said...

Ok - no such book.. We need to write it:)

Rita said...

Hello Adrienne!

That reminds me of the quote from the film "Repo Man" when Harry Dean Stanton says "Driving makes you stupid!".