Thursday, 13 December 2007

And another thing....

I've had time to think. Too much time to think. Poor husband has fallen foul of the winter vomiting sickness and I've had to take time off work to look after him. Keeping him hydrated is a nightmare. Laundry is a nightmare; I'm not feeling half so pious as I usually do for not owning a tumble dryer. Still, this time away from the pit has allowed me to say the morning office as well as the evening office and that is a rare luxury.

Some thoughts on washing.

Does anyone else other than me hate fabric conditioner? What is the point in washing something only to cover it in slimy, sickly smelly goo? If I had my way sheets would be starched (I like ironing) chez Rita, but I'm not the boss.

What is this craze for washing powders/liquids all coming in pre-measured doses/satchets. Surely this is just a marketing wheeze to get us to use more of the stuff, spending more money in the process. I know how dirty my laundry is, I know how much soapy stuff to use.

Towelling. Yeuch! Nasty, unhygenic stuff. As a baby I had nappies shipped over from Ireland, beautiful cotton things, smooth cotton on one side, brushed on the other. Towelling nappies are just wrong. As for bath and hand towels, they used to be smooth linen, easy to dry, easy to boil wash and bleach and compact to store. Only the eastern europeans are sensible enough to continue with these.

I wonder if I'll be able to go down the pit tomorrow, I certainly won't be able to take paid leave...hmmm.
Other thoughts today are about retraining to become an undertaker. I'm serious about this one.


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Hope your husband is better soon and that you are both well for Christmas.
Have you gone back down the pit?

I do love my tumble dryer and with three loads of washing a day onaverage I often thank God for the men who invented washing machines and tumble dryers.

Funny you should mention the towelling thing. When we had an outbreak of D&V on the ward when I was sister I got the patients dried after showers, baths etc with sheets because they were easier to boil wash afterwards. They do the job as well as towels.

On your thoughts about training to be an undertaker. My oldest looked into this. He received a lot of good advice from a lovely man who runs a family business. He said it was very difficult to get into the industry and that really you need to take the Embalmers Certificate. We looked into this but it was going to cost £10k. We could have borrowed it-but he wasn't guarenteed a job at the end of it.
Have a look around and get talking with some of the small family business people.
God bless

Rita said...

Thanks for your reply.

Hubby is getting better. We've moved on from small sips of water to eating jelly to eating scrambled egg! He's still in a lot of pain though and very weak.

I went back to work. He was not so dizzy on Friday so I felt I could leave him home alone. It nearly felt a relief to be there!

I've heard much the same about the undertaking profession myself, the cost may yet be prohibitive.

God is good, things will work out for the best!

God Bless.

Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Hope he's better put me to shame with your washing habits..mine i just do a quick & i mean quick sort cram them in the washing machine as much as possible kick the door shut & then tumble dry the lot & put most of it away without seeing an iron! i do this 3 times a day! lol