Friday, 23 November 2007

A self indulgent posting

I couldn't resist posting this sublime picture from the blog of Archistrategos.

Also, taking my lead from Andrew at Unam Sanctam, I too have decided to publish some very personal "thank yous".

Thank you, gentle grandparents, such incredible memories and lives and such an inspiration.

Thank you Sr M-C, for being there at the important moments of my life.

Thank you to the many memorable ladies who looked after me when I was young.

Thank you to the priests and religious who have guided and strengthened my faith.

Thank you Eric Laithwaite for inspiring my adventures in physics.

Thank you Godparents for the unconditional love and happy memories.

Thank you H Y for teaching me how to fight.

Thank you MCFC for making me appreciate the happiness that can be found in failure and the sadness attached to winning.

Thank you blogger world and you, dear bloggers for keeping me sane (and occasionally making me furious).

Thank you, dearest husband for being my soulmate and changing my life.

I also give thanks for my health, my strength and my patience.

Deo Gratias


AutumnRose said...

Amen to your post,
AR xx

Anonymous said...

Thanksgiviving is so important...

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I have awarded you-come and get it :)